Home Rewires

A partial or full rewire is an extensive job that involves the removal and replacement of some or all of the electrical components in your home – this can include wiring, consumer units and sockets. If the problems are isolated to one set of wiring, it could be that just a partial rewire is required.

At RPB Electrical, we provide professional and efficient partial and full rewires. As NICEIC approved contractors, all our work is completed to British Standard 7671 (The Wiring Regulations) and compliant with ‘Part P’ of the building regulations. We work to keep rewires as undisruptive as possible and always cover any re-plastering and cleaning throughout the job.

How Long Does A Home Rewire Take?

The length in which a rewire takes is completely dependant on the size of the property as well as the route of cables and chases. To give a rough example of how long different types of property take:

  • Kitchen (Partial Rewire) – 2 days.
  • Three Bed Semi – 3 days if property vacant.
  • Bungalow – 3-4 days
  • 3/4 Bedroom House –  Up to 1 week dependant on specification. I.e if down lights, extra sockets and outside lights are included it would take 7 days.

How Often Should I Have a Rewire? 

As a rule of thumb, wiring that hasn’t been inspected for 25 – 30 years will likely be in need of a rewire to bring it up to current regulations. Additionally, lead, rubber and plastic insulated cables should be inspected as the wiring may break down and rot as it ages, leading to short circuits and even electrical fires.

Signs You Need a Rewire 

In addition to once every 25 – 30 years, you should have your wiring inspected by an electrician if any of the following occur:

  • Intermittent lighting.
  • Green sticky substance from electrical appliances and outlets. 
  • Fuses blowing repeatedly. 
  • Fire damage to any part of the installation.
  • General wear and tear to wiring or power outlets.
  • You or a previous homeowner has attempted to rewire the home themselves.

Additionally, if you’re planning an extension, new lighting or incorporation of smart home technologies, it’s a good idea to have a qualified electrician come and inspect your wiring first to ensure your current system can cope.

Full and Partial Rewires Gloucestershire 

Is your home in need of rewire? Perhaps you just want to have an inspection to ascertain whether a full or partial rewire necessary. RPB Electrical are NICEIC approved contractors meaning all our work conforms to British Standards 7671. Give us a call today on 07506735568 or fill out a contact form for a prompt response.