EV Charging Points

With lower running costs, Government grants available and a reduced carbon footprint and a number of improvements over recent years, electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace in homes across the UK. Whilst getting charge used to be an expensive headache, it’s now possible to install cost effective and powerful charging points in your own home.

At RPB Electrical, we provide a full installation, maintenance and repair service for domestic and commercial EV charging points. Unlike some installers, we are fully qualified electricians – meaning we can handle any additional electrical work that may be required in order to complete the installation.

Types Of Electric Vehicle Charging Points 

We can install all popular types of charging points including:

Basic Chargers – Our basic chargers are usually plug in hybrids which allow you to charge a vehicle from a standard 13 Amp 3 pin plug. The maximum draw of these basic chargers is 3kW due to them running from a standard plug.

Fast Chargers – Fast chargers can offer up to double the power of basic chargers meaning charging takes a lot less time. These chargers draw 7kW (32 Amps) and thus require their own dedicated circuit. Whilst they also require a different plug, the plugs usually facilitate basic chargers.

We are also able to install commando plugs to enable outdoor charging of both our basic and fast chargers.

Polar Domestic EV Charging Point

How Long Do Electric Vehicles Take to Charge?

This is totally dependant on your car and charger. A Nissan Leaf (one of the most popular models of EV) will take around 4 hours on a fast charger and longer on a basic charger.

How Much Do Electric Vehicles Cost To Charge?

This again is dependant on your car and your charger, as well as your current energy costs! Using a 30kW Nissan Leaf as an example, you can expect to pay between £3 and £5 per charge, a full charge will get you around 150 miles.

EV Charging Point Installation Gloucestershire 

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