Fuseboard Change

A consumer unit, or fusebox/fuseboard as they are more commonly known is an essential feature of your home or workplace. With all the heating, power and lighting running through it, the consumer unit is important for the safe distribution of electricity around your premises.

Despite this, the only time many people ever look at their consumer unit is when they are resetting the electricity after a power cut or failure.

The Benefits Of A Modern Consumer Unit

Newer models of consumer units hold a number of benefits over older styles of consumer unit including:

  • Fire rated – many older models of consumer unit are wooden-backed.
  • RCD protection – this is an essential feature of any modern consumer unit, if you don’t have one you are putting your self at risk.
  • Reduced risk of electrocution – it’s not uncommon for older unloved fuseboards to have exposed wires or cracked casing.
  • Compliance – many older fuseboxes are not compliant with electrical wiring regulations; this can make it very hard to sell your home should you want to and can invalidate your insurance in some cases.
  • Modern circuit breakers – quicker disconnection time and easier maintenance.
Modern Consumer Unit

New Consumer Unit Installation

What’s An RCD?

An RCD (Residual Current Device) is a lifesaving device found in most modern consumer units. In the event of an electrical fault, the RCD will ‘trip’, shutting off the electrical current and preventing any electrical surges, electric shocks or electrical fires.

Official figures have put the reliability of RCDs at around 97% but they should be tested around every 6 months to ensure they are still operating properly.

How Can I Test My RCD?

Testing your RCD is a quick and easy job that anybody can do regardless of experience, however, some precautions must be taken to ensure safety throughout. To trip test your RCD:

  1. Lift the plastic flap up on your consumer unit.
  2. Locate the button that says ‘test’ – this may also just say ‘T’.
  3. Push the test button – this should cause all the electrics to switch off.
  4. Once tested, switch off the circuit breakers associated with the RCD, flick the RCD switch again then switch the circuit breakers back on.
  5. If you’re RCD fails to operate, give us a call on 07506735568 for advice.

Fusebox Repair and Replacement Gloucestershire

RPB electrical are experts in fusebox repair and replacement. Whether you want a new fusebox fitted, or are experiencing a fault with your existing unit – we can help. Give us a call today on 07506735568 or fill out a contact form for a prompt response.